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We’re reimagining just how good coffee can be


Insanely good coffee flavor, no bitterness here


This sweet treat is made with Arabica coffee


Enjoy a kick without the usual crash


No coffee cup needed to enjoy Nudge


Enjoy Nudge worry-free – there’s no gluten in sight

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Coffee Bombs
546 Reviews
Creamy coffee treats with a
crunchy shell
  • Clean coffee boost
  • Unbelievable taste
  • Only 3g of sugar per serving
Coffee Bars
91 Reviews
Creamy and rich coffee in the form of a bar
  • Natural energy boosting snack
  • Unbelievable taste
  • No added sugar

Good for you, good for the planet

From cultivating to harvesting to processing, we're committed to making sure that our coffee beans are healthy for you and for the planet. Sustainability is a key focus for Nudge.

We're reimagining just how good coffee can be

We believe in the power of the coffee plant to energize, inspire, and change the world. We are coffee lovers; we dream in coffee. It’s why we invented Nudge — delicious, delightful, healthy, energizing coffee snacks that are as great-tasting as they are good for our planet. Nudge reimagines everything coffee can be.

Helping people do the undoable.

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